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Hoover Dam: A Day Trip Away

By Marisela Thompson - August 16, 2017

Hoover Dam Whether you are a visitor to Las Vegas or a born and raised resident, a trip to Hoover Dam is a definite must. Just a day trip away, this monolithic effort stands proudly just outside Las Vegas. The largest dam in the world at the time of its completion, the National Historic Landmark is one […]

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Forever Home — Vegas Seven

By Brenda Tena - August 10, 2017

Forever Home Sinatra Living featured in Vegas Seven Most summer-break stories involve dayclub meanderings, close encounters of the inebriated kind and too much Netflix. But UNLV architecture and engineering majors Nasko Balaktchiev and Adam Betemedhin’s summer story will be about building a fully functional, 990-square-foot solar house… Read full article here

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What is your Rhythm ?

By Marisela Thompson - August 9, 2017

We have all heard the terms “early bird” and “night owl.” Well, these labels have a base in science. These predispositions are a consequence of a natural factor known as a circadian rhythm. Found in most living things, all humans have a unique circadian rhythm. According to the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, circadian rhythms […]

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The Benefits of LED Lighting

By Marisela Thompson - July 21, 2017

Benefits of LED Lighting   LEDs are one of today’s most energy efficient lighting technologies. Also referred to as a light emitting diodes, LEDs are a rapidly developing technology. Image Credit: Scania   Compare and Contrast  In comparison to other lamps such as incandescents or CFLs, LEDs tend to be more efficient. LEDs emit light in a specific direction reduces […]

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Electricity Safety: AFCI vs. GFCI

By Marisela Thompson - July 19, 2017

We all install locks on our doors. Locks protect our homes from uninvited guests. The safety they offer us puts our minds at ease. Security, yet, is not limited to keeping intruders out. The right circuit interrupters protect our homes and ourselves from unexpected consequences. Thus, electrical safety should also draw the right attention from […]

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Behind the City Lights

By Marisela Thompson - July 18, 2017

Behind the City Lights Neon Past Nicknamed the City of Lights, it comes to no surprise that Las Vegas has a history of spectacular, eye catching signs. Moving away from the standard pole and box design, 1929 marked the beginning of the golden age of neon lights.  In 1929 the Oasis Cafe started an unforeseen stream […]

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The Solar Do-Nothing Machine!

By Brenda Tena - July 12, 2017

Today I learned something I didn’t really know about Charles and Ray Eames — and that’s saying something. The Solar Do-Nothing Machine! In 1957 the office of Charles and Ray Eames made a crazy contraption called a “Solar Do-Nothing Machine.” It was for the Aluminum Company of America. It was starting a new marketing campaign and they […]

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Paradise Palms — A Source of Inspiration

By Brenda Tena - July 11, 2017

Mid-Century Modernism The 1950s and 1960s in Las Vegas sought out a different type of track home — it was affordable modernism. Mid-Century Modernism (MCM) in Las Vegas is a hidden jewel most natives don’t always know about. MCM Beginnings It all started back in 1950s California. A group by the name of Alexander Construction […]

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Our Feature in the 2017 Architecture Las Vegas Issue

By Brenda Tena - June 30, 2017

The AIA Las Vegas Chapter features Team Las Vegas’ entry into the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017 competition. The AIA Las Vegas Chapter releases their annual Architecture Las Vegas magazine to showcase exciting projects happening in the Las Vegas valley. Principal Investigator, Dr. David James, and core student team member, AJ Tully, discuss key features of […]

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By Valentina Alayon - June 6, 2017

With the arrival of our chassis, the construction of our Solar Decathlon home can finally begin. We would like to thank AMC Fabrication for their high-quality work and timely delivery.   What we’ve accomplished thus far? The team has been working arduously to prepare for the arrival of the chassis. We have leveled out the type […]

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Students Design Age-Friendly Solar Home — AARP

By Brenda Tena - June 1, 2017

From our friends at AARP Once again, the University of Nevada at Las Vegas is competing in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon, a collegiate competition of 10 contests that challenge student teams to design and build full-size solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient and attractive… Read full article here

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Another Week of Construction and Presentations

By Valentina Alayon - May 22, 2017

It’s another week here with Team Las Vegas. The team has been keeping very busy preparing for the chassis to arrive. Construction Update Work continues in the Team Las Vegas 2017 construction site.  Alfonso Contreras our welder finished welding the C-channels for the mechanical pod base. After he welded the HSS to the channels we […]

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Solar One: Concentrated on Nevada’s Future

By Alexis Lawson - May 18, 2017

Solar One: Concentrated on Nevada’s Future Las Vegas is well known around the world for various reasons including one of the city’s most enticing features, its weather. Las Vegas experiences almost perfect weather all year long. It has an average of about 294 sunny days each year. In a city where it is almost always sunny, […]

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After Finals the Work Continues

By Valentina Alayon - May 16, 2017

Finals might be over but the work continues for Team Las Vegas. Our students have completed their final exams and submitted their last assignments for the Spring 2017 semester. Communications Update Our team continues in our fundraising efforts attending presentations across the valley. Nasko Balaktchiev, Valentina Alayon, and Kalewalani Bancaco presented at World IP Day […]

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Responsible Gardening: Calculating Plant Watering Needs

By Dylan Cabico - May 10, 2017

Calculating Plant Watering Needs In order to take care of your garden, you must first acclimate yourself to what exactly your garden needs to thrive and flourish. Four things are required for plants to grow healthy: plenty of sun, nutritious soil, oxygen, and water. Here in the Mojave Desert, only one item on that list […]

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Las Vegas Thrives in the Mojave

By William Zheng - May 9, 2017

The Mojave Desert is a harsh environment where very little life exists, but against all odds, Las Vegas continues to grow. Considering the climate of the Mojave Desert, it is difficult to figure out how Las Vegas came to be. Rain is scarce at four inches per year, and the long summer season frequently exceeds […]

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The Las Vegas Valley and Drought

By Dylan Cabico - May 2, 2017

Las Vegas is definitely a fantastic place to live. I move a lot back and forth between here and California so there isn’t much difference in weather. Hot to warm summers and cold cold winters. Unfortunately, they do share one common thing: drought. Las Vegas’ origins were that settlers found a spring in the desert […]

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It’s Study Week for our Decathletes!

By Valentina Alayon - May 1, 2017

During the last week, the team worked arduously to complete our D7 submittal. The team successfully submitted it on April 27th. Way to go!! This week, in lieu of a traditional report this week, this will be a little insight into the life of a team member. It is the end of the semester after […]

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Las Vegas-A Place Where Experience Interacts with Architecture

By Asawari Pawar - April 25, 2017

When we say Las Vegas, first thing that comes to our mind is a place known for tourist attractions. That however does not fully define Las Vegas. It is not only a visual attraction but also an experience to relish. This city had its own journey to becoming what it is now. Walking down The Strip one can […]

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Team Las Vegas takes on Earth Day

By Valentina Alayon - April 24, 2017

It’s been another busy week here with Team Las Vegas. As April comes to an end, the team has continued to work hard on our D7 submittal. The team has now finalized a dinner menu and final team uniform. We have booked all of our rooms. Construction Update This week has been all about steel. […]

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What did you do on Spring Break?

By Valentina Alayon - April 18, 2017

With Spring Break coming to an end, the team continues working hard to complete our upcoming U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon deliverable. The nine deliverables are team submittals to the DOE outlining design, strategies and compliance. The D7 submittal focuses on the project summary and public exhibit materials. This is our 2nd to last […]

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Preventing Falls Through Facilitating Orientation

By Marisela Thompson - April 13, 2017

Step. Turn. Step. How many times have you walked into a room in your home only to change your orientation and go back the way you came? Have you ever started walking, but lost in thought, ended up in a part of your home you had not planned on? Now what if I told you, Team […]

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The Vegas Nature

By Veronica McKinney - April 12, 2017

Tourists are always curious on what Las Vegas locals do for fun? Well, many of us go outside!  With all the glistening lights, buzzing slot machines, and clubs on every corner, most would not have guessed tourists would drop by for the Vegas Nature! There are many attractions around the valley that attract outdoorsmen and women […]

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Team Vegas Begins Construction!

By Adam Betemedhin - April 10, 2017

It’s Spring break!  Which means time for construction. Team Las Vegas is proud to say that we have officially started construction. Our team has been eagerly working towards this date for the past 2 years. We couldn’t be happier to start building. We couldn’t have done it without the support of all of our awesome […]

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From The 9th Island of Hawaii to Las Vegas

By Kalewalani Bancaco - April 6, 2017

My name is Kalewalani Bancaco and I am the student construction manager for Team Las Vegas. I moved here in 2008 to attend UNLV on the WUE scholarship. I took the road less traveled through college and will be graduating this May 2017. I will graduate with my Bachelors of Science in Entertainment Engineering and […]

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Short Term and Portable Renewable Energy Solutions

By Anthony Tully -

In the world of renewable energy, the name of the game is efficiency and redundancy. There are a multitude of ways to generate energy from renewable resources. Common sources of renewable energy are solar, wind and geothermal. But, there are newer and lesser known forms of energy generation such as tidal and bioenergy. The form […]

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Groundbreaking, Food Drive, and SNICC

By Valentina Alayon - April 4, 2017

Last Friday, Team Las Vegas 2017 held our official groundbreaking ceremony! Community supporters, team members for Team Las Vegas 2013 and UNLV faculty and staff joined the team as we kicked off construction! Special guests included, President Len Jessup, Dean Venkat, Regent Moran, Jeff Roberts AIA, and some of our top donors. Due to 60mph winds, […]

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5 Everyday Ways to Lower Your Water Bill

By Dylan Cabico -

Among those who live here in Las Vegas, being frugal with water can be commonplace. Everyone is always looking for the quick and easy way to reduce their water bills. Unfortunately, in the U.S. some habits that too much water are quite common inside the home. By being conscious on new strategies to lower your […]

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3 Easy Steps to an Energy Efficient Home

By Nick Callo - March 30, 2017

With everyday expenses on the rise, individuals are looking for a way to catch a break. Taking just a few steps in investing in your home will have you saving a few extra bucks. Justifying saving a few bucks may seem like a hassle, but the financial returns are worth it. Just to show you […]

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APIs and How to Use Them

By Kevin Duong-Tran - March 29, 2017

When I talk to students taking coding courses, a common thought I often hear is that they are learning how to code but don’t know how code comes together to make something usable. Something practical. Running code on a local machine is fine at first, but it’s only a small percentage of what you can […]

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How Las Vegas’ Depends On Conventions to Drive It’s Economy

By Brian Sanchez - March 28, 2017

The city’s attractiveness and its many sunny days help bring in many attendees to Las Vegas every year. According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), in 2016 alone, convention and meeting attendance increased by 7.1 percent to a record 6.3 million attendees. This surge in attendees helped create an estimated 54,800 jobs, paying […]

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Educode and AARP Recap, and Groundbreaking is Here!

By Nasko Balaktchiev - March 27, 2017

This past week has been very eventful for Team Vegas! Our team held a focus group with local AARP members and participated in this year’s Educode event. The AARP focus group focused on sharing our design, functionality, and automation systems.

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2 Simple Ways to Cool Your Home and Save Money

By Abbii Garcia - March 23, 2017

Maintaining a cool and comfortable temperature, especially in Las Vegas, can mean high energy bills. As much as we all want and dream about one day owning a net zero home, it’s not always that easy. Energy efficient products, although more accessible, are not always within everyone’s budget.

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Las Vegas’ Regional Climate and Our City

By Brenda Tena - March 21, 2017

As a Las Vegas native, I appreciate air conditioning and water far more than any other city dweller. Without these two indispensable items, Las Vegas would not exist. Our community has learned to be frugal with both. We understand our “place” to know how to manage water usage for a nearing 3 million people.

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Onward to Construction

By Nasko Balaktchiev - March 20, 2017

My name is Nasko Balaktchiev, and I’m the student project manager for Team Las Vegas. Over the past year, we’ve worked on our entry to the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017 competition. Now, we’re kicking off our blog, and starting construction.

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Student Outreach at West Career and Technical Academy

By Michael Schwob - March 11, 2017

One of the goals of UNLV’s US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017 team is to emphasize community outreach and involvement. To achieve this, they have created a student outreach program. The intention of the program is to involve local high school students in the construction and design/ development processes of UNLV’s US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017 build.

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UNLV’s solar house has bright ideas for the elderly

By Brenda Tena - February 28, 2017

Las Vegas Sun features Team Vegas Instead of being sent to a nursing home, what if the elderly could live the remainder of their lives in the comfort and security of their own homes? That’s the question a group of UNLV students are trying to answer in time for next year’s Solar Decathlon, staged by […]

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UNLV Students Hope to Win (This Time) in Solar Decathlon — NPR

By Brenda Tena - February 18, 2017

Listen to our Nevada Public Radio segment, a NPR member station In 2013, UNLV sent 60 students and a pre-fab solar house to Southern California for the Solar Decathlon. The challenge was to build a sustainable solar home. The UNLV students came in second place – just five points behind Vienna University of Technology in Austria […]

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UNLV Team Vegas designs house for Solar Decathlon 2017

By Brenda Tena - February 12, 2017

Las Vegas Review Journal features us as “Home of the Future” Real Estate Las Vegas   University of Nevada Las Vegas students from the colleges of engineering, architecture, hotel management, health sciences, fine arts and construction management will be competing in Solar Decathlon 2017 at Denver this fall to showcase their skills in designing an […]

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UNLV’s Student-Led Solar Decathlon Team Nears $1 Million Sponsorship Goal

By Brenda Tena - February 3, 2017

Nearing the goal of $1 million Fundraising for university-wide collaboration surpasses $750,000 with support from Switch and NV Energy Foundation. Switch and NV Energy Foundation are lending their support to help UNLV’s Team Las Vegas design and build a full-size solar-powered house for the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2017 Solar Decathlon competition in October. Thanks […]

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UNLV Students Envision the Efficient Smart Home of the Future with Alexa

By Brenda Tena - January 17, 2017

Amazon Web Services Envisioning the future with Amazon Alexa   With Amazon Alexa, developers are creating novel and delightful voice experiences for customers. University students are rethinking the way we live. Meet Adam Betemedhin, an Electrical Engineering major, and Kevin Duong-Tran, a Computer Science major, from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). Adam and Kevin, along […]

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