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The Benefits of LED Lighting

By Marisela Thompson - July 21, 2017

Benefits of LED Lighting   LEDs are one of today’s most energy efficient lighting technologies. Also referred to as a light emitting diodes, LEDs are a rapidly developing technology. Image Credit: Scania   Compare and Contrast  In comparison to other lamps such as incandescents or CFLs, LEDs tend to be more efficient. LEDs emit light in a specific direction reduces […]

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Short Term and Portable Renewable Energy Solutions

By Anthony Tully - April 6, 2017

In the world of renewable energy, the name of the game is efficiency and redundancy. There are a multitude of ways to generate energy from renewable resources. Common sources of renewable energy are solar, wind and geothermal. But, there are newer and lesser known forms of energy generation such as tidal and bioenergy. The form […]

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3 Easy Steps to an Energy Efficient Home

By Nick Callo - March 30, 2017

With everyday expenses on the rise, individuals are looking for a way to catch a break. Taking just a few steps in investing in your home will have you saving a few extra bucks. Justifying saving a few bucks may seem like a hassle, but the financial returns are worth it. Just to show you […]

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2 Simple Ways to Cool Your Home and Save Money

By Abbii Garcia - March 23, 2017

Maintaining a cool and comfortable temperature, especially in Las Vegas, can mean high energy bills. As much as we all want and dream about one day owning a net zero home, it’s not always that easy. Energy efficient products, although more accessible, are not always within everyone’s budget.

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