2 Simple Ways to Cool Your Home and Save Money

Posted on — By Abbii Garcia

Maintaining a cool and comfortable temperature, especially in Las Vegas, can mean high energy bills. As much as we all want and dream about one day owning a net zero home, it’s not always that easy. Energy efficient products, although more accessible, are not always within everyone’s budget.

You don’t have to settle with dreaming. There are simple low-cost passive-design retrofits you can perform on your home, to help reduce your cooling energy cost. If you are fortunate enough to design a new home, consider the location and orientation to optimize your building’s passive cooling. Today, you’ll learn two simple and economical options to reduce heat gain on your home.


1. Reflecting the Heat

Not all Las Vegas homes are located in the middle of nowhere. Many homes are within a large community where they tend to be close together. These homes are likely to have a neighbors house shade the building’s wall at different times of the day. However, what is the one part of your home that gets the most sun? The Roof.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory about ⅓ of the unwanted heat comes in thru the attic. One option would be replacing your roof with a lighter reflective material. Another option is adding a reflective barrier. If you do, it can reduce the heat in your attic, which will allow less heat into your home.


2. Blocking the Heat

High energy windows can get real pricey, real quick. If you can’t afford to change them out, you can add a form of shading to block the sun. The most affordable option would be to add an awning, shade, or a light-shelf. This will bring in diffused light with reduced heat. Another option would utilize strategic landscaping. Planting native trees that shade your home during the summer, and allow the sun to shine during the winter will reduce your annual cooling and heating cost.

Look out for more helpful tips on saving money by reducing your home’s energy consumption.