Las Vegas-A Place Where Experience Interacts with Architecture

Posted on — By Asawari Pawar

When we say Las Vegas, first thing that comes to our mind is a place known for tourist attractions. That however does not fully define Las Vegas. It is not only a visual attraction but also an experience to relish. This city had its own journey to becoming what it is now. Walking down The Strip one can experience a sense of belonging to the street of themed structures. It reflects an era of architectural beauty mixed with different styles and art deco making a mark in the developing world.

Architecture and the buildings of the past have withstood the test of time. Beauty of places such as Venetian, Paris, New-York New-York, and other Strip hotels on help people to relate to them. To understand the culture, Downtown’s Fremont Street and Art District are worth experiencing. It creates communal spaces for social engagement and collaboration between artists and visitors. All these places reflect strong interrelation of community and better built environment.

Bridging and balancing the seamless communication between the human experience and architecture.

Human experience also relates to design efficiency in providing comfort to the people. The attachments and responses of the people create a dialogue with the spaces. Springs Preserve is a perfect example that depicts the user’s dialogue with climate responsive design. It is the power of creation of something so marvelous that one can only look at in awe and get inspired by the brilliance of the mind behind it. What also makes it unique is that these places can support and sustain themselves for so many years. The combination of all these architectural elements and materials along with the surrounding creates a piece of art, but the design of spaces considering the purpose and functionality is what differentiates these structures.

It is difficult to compare anything that one creates to the beauty of the nature. But when building our home, our goal will always be to get closer in the act of creation with relation to the natural world.