Paradise Palms — A Source of Inspiration

Posted on — By Brenda Tena

Mid-Century Modernism

The 1950s and 1960s in Las Vegas sought out a different type of track home — it was affordable modernism. Mid-Century Modernism (MCM) in Las Vegas is a hidden jewel most natives don’t always know about.

MCM Beginnings

It all started back in 1950s California. A group by the name of Alexander Construction Company began a series of track homes out of Palm Springs. These homes were soon known as “Alexanders”, for their modernist and rational design. The architect duo, Dan Palmer and William Krisel, partnered with ACC on these designs.

Homes cost a modest $20,000, which is about $175,000 in today’s market. The architects designed Twin Palms and Ocotillo Lodge Hotel, Palm Spring’s most notable projects.


Palm & Krisel, Image Credit: Unsplash


The Designs

After establishing an incredible portfolio in Southern California, Las Vegas was next. In the 1960s, developer Irwin Molasky hired Palmer & Krisel to design a new community for Las Vegas. Paradise Palms was born and brought a new type of living for young Las Vegas. Homes had open floor plans, sleek angled roofs, deep overhands, built-in appliances, and carports. These homes had stacked bond CMU walls and rich interior wood paneling.

Many people remember Paradise Palms as the home of musicians, producers, and entertainers. Irwin Molasky and Merv Adelson’s Paradise Homes company built several Palmer & Krisel model homes. Today, these homes are in the Winchester township community.


Paradise Palms Model 1 Elevations, Image Credit: Paradise Palms Las Vegas Blog


Paradise Palms Model 1 Plan, Image Credit: Paradise Palms Las Vegas Blog