The Vegas Nature

Posted on — By Veronica McKinney

Tourists are always curious on what Las Vegas locals do for fun? Well, many of us go outside!  With all the glistening lights, buzzing slot machines, and clubs on every corner, most would not have guessed tourists would drop by for the Vegas Nature! There are many attractions around the valley that attract outdoorsmen and women from around the globe.  Here are a few attractions that Las Vegas has to offer.


Red Rock Conservation Area

Red Rock National Park is a local’s escape, west of the city, attracting thousands of visitors every day. Red Rock is an escape from the busyness of the nearby valley. There are hiking trails, rock climbing, and breathtaking views that can cure any stressful day. Locals will often go off-roading for rare scenic views, while treasure hunters pursue geocaching. 



Many tourists are strapped in to bungee off the Stratosphere, while locals are harnessed into the nature of Vegas.


Mt. Charleston is part of Red Rock National Park, but most would not know it seeing the lush green scenery. At a higher elevation, this Vegas Nature hot spot receives a notable amount of snow in the winter. There is a ski-lodge, restaurant and endless amounts of space to go hiking and camping.



Lake Mead

Vegas’s water source, Lake Mead has a variety of day-filled events that could appeal to anyone. You can go camping on the sandy beaches, jet ski all day, or simply enjoy the fishing. Locals like to test their fears and go cliff jumping while others find themselves in the hot springs, on the infamous Gold Strike Hike.



These attractions have so much to offer, from breathtaking views  to thrilling adventures.  Best of all, they’re less than two hours away from the city. So if you are ever looking for something to do outside of the strip, the Vegas Nature will not let you down.