Onward to Construction

Posted on — By Nasko Balaktchiev

My name is Nasko Balaktchiev, and I’m the student project manager for Team Las Vegas. I’m happy to announce that we’ll be starting construction in the coming weeks.

Over the past year, we’ve been working on our entry to the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2017. We started with a conceptual design, worked through design development, and finally finished the construction documents. We conquered many challenges, but we’ve finally reached the end of the design phase.

Last month, the team submitted our construction documents to the Department of Energy. We’ll be hearing feedback from them this week to see how we did. Next, we’ll be ordering materials, preparing the site, and conducting more community outreach.

Starting this week, we’ll be kicking off our blog to show you more about the amazing features of our home. Join us on the next step of our journey and watch us as we progress through construction. Stay tuned to discover the home’s design, systems, water and energy usage, accessibility, and more! Our goal is to educate you about sustainable living through first-hand experience.

Here’s the team that made it happen, having a great time during our last photoshoot.

See you in construction!