Another Week of Construction and Presentations

Posted on — By Valentina Alayon

It’s another week here with Team Las Vegas. The team has been keeping very busy preparing for the chassis to arrive.

Construction Update

Work continues in the Team Las Vegas 2017 construction site.  Alfonso Contreras our welder finished welding the C-channels for the mechanical pod base. After he welded the HSS to the channels we acetoned and painted the underside of the unit.

Alfonso, Nasko, and Adam signed a piece of the mechanical pod.

The wood portion of the mechanical pod base has been framed out, insulated, and sheathed.

Ashna, Brandan, Nasko, and Adam working on the mechanical pod.

The Type II delivery for the gravel pad has arrived. The team needs to stake out the extent of the pad, compact the gravel. This will allow us to begin framing the walls of the mechanical pod.

Once the axles arrive for our chassis we will begin laying out the subfloor, radiant floor, and frame walls. The radiant floor has already arrived!

Communication Update

Team Las Vegas has been giving many presentations across the valley. We do this in order to increase visibility for our team and the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Competition. This week the team presented to the Southern Nevada Water Conservation Coalition, Rotary Club, and multiple UNLV committees.

The team attended the It’s a Woman’s Home Show. The team showcased our design as well as sold Team Las Vegas t-shirts.

Brian, Brandan, Ashna, and Adam at our table.

We would like to thank SolarNV for their partnership and for the booth.


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