5 Everyday Ways to Lower Your Water Bill

Posted on — By Dylan Cabico

Among those who live here in Las Vegas, being frugal with water can be commonplace. Everyone is always looking for the quick and easy way to reduce their water bills. Unfortunately, in the U.S. some habits that too much water are quite common inside the home.

By being conscious on new strategies to lower your bill, it can drop by 60 percent!

The Las Vegas Valley gets about 90 percent of its water from the Colorado River, which is facing the worst drought on record. There is however, a misconception that people would have to go well out of their way to save money on their water bill. Well short of going through your house and looking for leaks, replacing turf, or sophisticated irrigation systems, here are five actions you can take by making tiny adjustments in the home.

1. Replacing Standard Appliances and Fixtures

One way to save money without changing your normal day-to-day routine is to purchase Energy star and WaterSense products. These items in the home are your: toilets, washers, showerheads, faucets, and dishwashers.  About 45% efficiency can be achieved by replacing these items.

2. Reduce Water Used in Daily Toilet Flushes

It may come as a surprise to you but older toilets use up to 3.5 or 5 gallons per flush. If a person were to reduce their usage by a 25 percent, about seven percent of indoor water can be saved.

3. Only Washing a Full Load of Clothes

Running the washer without loading the drum isn’t exactly considered water conservation. However, if you need to wash an article of clothing or don’t intend on filling the washer, adjust the water to match the load size.

4. Taking Shorter Showers

I love to sometimes stand in the shower in my drowsy state in the morning trying to collect myself. This may seem to be the most daunting of the list in terms of difficulty because we all enjoy those types of showers. If we were to shower for only five minutes however that would save eight percent of indoor water alone.

5. Reduce the Amount of Time the Faucet Runs

By cutting the amount of time you have the faucet running by two minutes, nearly five percent of indoor water would be saved. Also, refraining from pre-rinsing your dishes before washing them can prove to save money on your water bill.

All of these actions combined and performed regularly can reduce water consumption by 60 percent. Nothing too difficult — maybe I’ll shower for eight minutes though.